We service  and handle your estate or tag sale anywhere in the U.S.A.  Copper Star Estate Sales looks forward to meeting with you in person, assessing your home contents and discussing our services.  Depending on the size of the estate, our estate sales are usually scheduled four to six weeks out, from hire date.  Please contact us and let us serve you!  Copper Star Estate Sales provides the following:

Complete Estate Liquidations
We can conduct a professional whole or partial home estate sale for you, whether someone has passed away, is moving to a retirement or nursing home or is just looking to downsize.

Downsizing Sales
The move from a lifelong family home into a retirement community can be traumatic and overwhelming.  Usually, the adult children assume the role of the caregiver; and when it comes time to move the elderly parent, the responsibility usually falls on the caregiver.  This burden of responsibility is great, especially if the adult children live far away, have children of their own and work commitments of their own.  We can conduct a partial home estate sale of the items you cannot take with you to your smaller home, retirement center or nursing home.

Garage Sales
We can conduct a garage sale at your premise to remove the clutter of unused items or help you price your items.  Look around your home and identify the things you do not use anymore.  Don’t forget your drawers, china hutch, attic and jewelry box!  Selling unused items allows you to use the money for other purposes.

Private Sales
Do you have an individual item or a whole collection of items, but not a houseful that you would like to have sold?  We can assess the value of your item(s), advertise it for you, or arrange to sell it on eBay for a small percentage of the selling price.  We will also consider consignment sales depending on the demand for an item.
Clear the  Clutter
 We can sell unused items in your home to make more room for you, give your home a new look, reduce upkeep, maintenance or insurance expense.  It does wonders for your soul and lightens your load.
Cleaning, Packing and Moving
We understand the emotional upheaval that relocation brings and will provide the support that our clients need.  For this service, there is an hourly fee plus the mover’s fee, with a minimum of five hours.  We can sort the items, working with you to determine what needs to be taken and what needs to be sold, donated or disposed of.  We will supply the boxes and packing materials and pack your items with care.  We can arrange for the move, obtaining and coordinating the movers, as well as transferring the utilities and accounts as needed.

Assistance with House Sales
Many homes have been sold because of our estate sales at residences.  We have a large volume of clients coming through the sales over the weekends, more than any real estate open houses.  We show the home in our flyers and emails.  We are not Real Estate Brokers.  We offer this as a free service if you are planning to sell the house.  It is a good idea to enlist a Real Estate Broker prior to the sale and have plenty of flyers regarding the house on hand that we can hand out.  If you do not have a Real Estate Broker, we have many we work with that we can refer to you.
Entire Estate Purchases
At times we will offer to buy the whole estate.  This is not our first recommendation, however; but due to certain circumstances, this may be your best option.  Generally, you will get more money by having an estate sale versus an entire estate purchase.

Complete House Clean-Outs
After the sale, we can provide complete house clean-outs and clean-ups.  We can do it all or as little as you want.  We offer a full range of services to help in the final stages of your move.  Call us for a free consultation.

We can provide you with complete appraisal service by a qualified, licensed appraiser who will assess your property and give you a fair appraisal of what it’s worth.

Optional Services
We can tailor most of our services to meet your individual needs.  If you just need your stuff organized, we can do that, too.  Just let us know what you need!